Calm your skin with esmi weightless anti redness hydra fluid moisturiser. Easily absorbed and ultra lightweight , this hydra fluid will help to regulate oil production and calm stressed skin. Enriched with niacinamide to help strengthen a damaged barrier function, whilst accerlating healing and repair for healthy, glowing skin.

- particularly suited to oily, acne and problematic skins. Helps heal, repair and strengthen damaged skin. Liquorice extract is great for repairing / lightening post breakout scarring

-Cooling and calming for angry, irritated, warm to touch skin

- Anti inflammatory and antibacterial 


1. Centella asiatica Extract - assists healing and repair, anti bacterial 

2 Tasmanian lanceeolata - antioxidant and anti inflammatory to strengthen

3. Liquorice Root Extract - Skin brightening for post inflammatory pigmentation

Anti-redness Hydra - Fluid